Easy Online Operations Manager Overview

IT HELPS’ Easy Online Operations Manager (ezOOM) is designed to bring Operations Management and other disconnected functions of an organization into digital IT infrastructure, optimize operation, achieve highest return on investment. This is an essential tool for any aspiring lean manufacturing organization.

ezOOM Benefits

Total Access; Anytime, Anywhere

ezOOM is an online web application that gives access to data and operation control on any device (computer, tablet, or phone). All you need is an internet connection and a role defined in ezOOM!

Complete Operation Tracking and Control

ezOOM is powerful and flexible in managing and tracking every step in operation processes, with out-of-box features such as: alternative processes, alternative supply parts, step level BOMs, and special steps including: timed process step, split batch step, merge batch step, conditional batch routing step, reposition batch step, and rework batch step. ezOOM not only tracks and control work-in-process, it manages operation by managing orders, inventories, equipments, labor and processes together in concert.

Real Time Transparency

ezOOM provides managers and supervisors with visibility into floor statuses at any time

Know What’s Coming Down The Line

Forecast inventory consumption at step/work station level to ensure supplies are replenished on-time and unnecessary inventory build-up is reduced

Control Quality

ezOOM gives you the power to identify quality issues early in the production process, which will help you avoid costly issues in the future

Help Your Employees Help You

ezOOM allows you integrate visual production instructions and bill-of-materials at each operation step so that your employees never miss a step

ezOOM Features

  • Track order fulfillment, product process status, and usage (quality, inventory, equipment and operator) in real time
  • Manage production work flows with steps and sub-steps
  • Maintain bill of material at step and sub step level of production work flow
  • Track inventory consumption, equipment, and labor usages at step level
  • Configure reusable production work flows
  • Handle rework, scrap, quality test, conditional branching, delivery and warranty steps in production work flow
  • Set-up multiple user roles and access levels to ensure different user experiences
  • Set-up steps to be performed by specific groups of people or require approval of supervisors or trainers
  • Automatically records electronic signatures
  • Provides multiple ways to dispatch orders
  • Set-up low inventory warnings and inventory forecasts along production process
  • Include visual instructions, images, and consumption quantities at each step for foolproof operation
  • Comprehensive reports can be provided on all aspects of production
  • Access through a secure intranet or internet
  • Ability to integrate with other software, including accounting/ERP systems or inventory management system

Want More Info?

IT HELPS’ ezOOM is offered as a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) application or as a licensed, on premise application that includes a managed service agreement. For more information on any of the benefits, features, or implementation packages, please contact us for a FREE consultation — CONTACT US NOW