Universal Product Manager (UPM) is the only complete product information management software available on the market. It defines, collects, manages, and distributes all product information from a single platform.

Our Easy Online Operations Manager (ezOOM) is specifically developed for mid-size or small rising manufacturers and construction companies. Operation processes can be easily set up in ezOOM and be completely tracked and traced.

Our online quoting assistant (OQA) allows wholesalers and retailers to quickly find desired products for customers and quote prices with various discounts into multiple portfolios.

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The “Return on Investment” of enterprise software largely depend on the welding between business environment and the software itself. This requires a support team that not only is capable of handling the complex enterprise software technologies, but also excels in understanding and communicating about business requirements.

You don’t have to look far for such a team. We offer below software support services for both our proprietary software and third party software systems. For more information, please click on the names below each services.