Universal Product Manager Overview

Universal Product Manager (UPM), is an online product management software application designed to manage all product information and relationships within a single platform. UPM can be integrated with ERPs, warehouse software, websites, sales and product support software applications, digital asset management software system, and third party feeds to automatically collect or serve product data. It has a powerful search engine that gives users the power of quickly searching and extracting any information stored in the system.

Whom Does Universal Product Manager Serve for?

Universal Product Manager is essential for companies that either produce, or consume, or deal with many unique products, such as online or offline wholesalers and retailers, construction companies, scientific laboratories, OEM manufacturers. In many such companies, product information is scattered and disconnected. Obtaining and managing comprehensive product information is very difficult and even impossible.
without upm product management is difficult

The Benefits

Centralized Product Data

Universal Product Manager is the product information hub. It bridges the gap between silo systems and provides accurate, consistent, and comprehensive product information to all players and applications.
upm centralizes product info

Powerful Data Management Platform

UPM has unmatched data management capabilities for maintaining multiple product categories or brands, and relating product data in meaningful ways.
UPM lets the user define data types and relationships before storing product data, thus, achieving the ability of holding any type of product information.
It organizes products in categories and/or brands that have their own unique narratives.

Speed up Time to Market

UPM reduces costs and boosts profits, especially speeds up your products’ time to market. It controls product releases and automatically feeds product data to websites, sales tools, and third party e-commerce domains.

Total Access; Anytime, Anywhere

UPM is an online web application that gives you access to your data on any device (computer, tablet, or phone). All you need is an internet connection!

UPM Features

  • Seamlessly maintain dynamic merchandise or product information under multiple brands or categories
  • Ability to store and maintain unlimited product information and attributes
  • Easy-to-use information grouping to ensure smooth maintenance and access
  • Simple and user friendly user interfaces ensure instant editing, searching, and exporting of any product information or attribute
  • Save comprehensive product maintenance history
  • Multi-user functionality allows product information to be maintained by separate people in different stages
  • Role based user access
  • Bulk import, export, and update product information
  • Proven easy integration with your ERP, Digital Asset Manager, or Website
  • Maintain multidimensional relationships between assets (images, documents, catalogs etc) and products
  • Ability to create/proliferate product variety based on multiple attribute options
  • Ability to define product information that are unique to brand
  • Ability to relate products with configurable relationships
  • Ability to handle parent/child product relationship for kit/packaged products
  • Embedded logic verifications on related measurements and data

Want More Info?

IT HELPS’ UPM is offered as a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) application or as a licensed, on premise application that includes a managed service agreement. For more information on any of the benefits, features, or implementation packages, please contact us — CONTACT US NOW