About IT Helps

Founded in 2006, IT Helps serves Fortune 500 companies, such as General Electric, as well as medium- and small-size companies. Our focus is on improving your business by providing product and operation management software and services. Our goal is to become your long-term information and business partner. If your company handles multiple products or operation processes, we are here to help.

Data and software are useful only if they meet the needs of your business. We take time to understand your challenges, talk with all your key players, and get to understand your operations and business goals. We then apply our expertise at solving real-world problems and create a digital intelligent solution that is right for your business. But we don’t stop there — from product management to operations management, from our out-of-box software solutions to specific software development and implementation, from data management to system integration, from business reporting to daily software maintenance, from current urgent needs to future expansion plans, we are with you every step of the way. IT Helps’ proven six-step implementation process guarantees you a success in the pursuit of greatness.

Our out-of-box software solutions include product information management system (PIM) — Universal Product Manager, operations management system (MRP/MES) — Easy Online Operation Manager , and online configure, price, quote tool (CPQ) — Online Quoting Assistant. Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, construction companies, and laboratories can rely on them to manage products and operations with minimum invest, but big return.

With our rich experiences and mature implementation processes, we also offer services including data management, software solution design and development, and software systems integration.

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