Data Management Service

Data — is the lifeblood of a company. Manage it wisely and your company will prosper. But many companies struggle with their data and may not even know what opportunities were missed. IT Helps is your partner for turning data into Business Intelligence.

At IT Helps, we understand your challenges. We know how difficult it can be to rethink and optimize your data management system on your own. This is where we can help. Sure, we’re experts at things like data capture, storage, and extraction – but that’s only part of an effective data management infrastructure. To get the most out of your data, you need a partner, who will look beyond the data itself to understand your business and how it operates. You need a partner who knows how to transform data into Business Intelligence.

Why IT Helps is your ideal data management partner?

IT Helps works with your team to understand your goals and challenges. We work collaboratively to develop solutions that enable your team to be more efficient and productive, and to extract the insights necessary for capturing otherwise hidden opportunities. But we don’t stop there. We’re with you every step of the way, from development through implementation, and then operational support.

Let us help you use your data as a competitive advantage. IT Helps’ six-step implementation process ensures the core values in our services.

Data Management service implementation process

Regardless you are looking for a total data solution or supports in the following three areas, you can count on us.

Data collection

Whether clients already have a plan on what information to collect, or in need of certain data, but not clear how or where to collect the data, IT Helps can help. Our service starts with investigation on business environment, use cases and business players. From there, we can provide and implement a sound data collection plan.

Data recording and storage

There are so many ways to store collected data. However, where, how, and when to store data affect how data can be accessed, utilized, and even transported. IT Helps crew help design, develop, and administrate data storage solutions. We also provide data recording service. With the service, you can pass raw business data through your usual channels, such as email, excel, or even on paper, to our trained data recorder. Our data recorder, in turn, will record them into your data storage in conforming formats.

Data extraction, reporting, and transportation

Even with the same set of data, different team and task may need them in different way. The volume, speed and accuracy of data extraction and reporting also matter very much. Meanwhile, in today’s global environment, many data are to be transported or presented across organizations. IT Helps team has cumulated powerful data processing tools that can facilitate efficient data extraction, reporting and transporting in the way our clients expected.

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