Software Development Service

Besides out-of-box product management and operation management software, IT HELPS can also help your company to design, develop, customize, upgrade or maintain in house software and solutions. IT Helps’ software development service is the perfect union between business consulting and advanced software technologies. IT Helps’ development team doesn’t only master the ever-advancing software technologies, platforms, and programming languages, but are also experts in understanding and converting real world business challenges into robust, maintainable, flexible, and expandable software. Our commitment is to produce the best return on your investment in software.

Software development process

Software Development implementation process

IT Helps’ software development follows our robust business-centric six-step implementation process, with the detail for “Execution” step spelled out for software development as below:

Execute Software Development: Prototyping

Prototyping is a great way to avoid impractical software design and unnecessary cost. During prototyping, only the most essential part of the future software is coded, while other functionalities is presented with a variety of simulation techniques, so that user can simulate critical use cases without waiting till the software is developed. In this way, you will know how the future software meet business objective and environment, whithout spending resources on wrong software design. The key in this part of process is again: communicate, share, and teamwork. Only after user fully examined and approved the prototype, our team will begin coding the entire software.

Execute Software Development: Coding

Coding a software is not just sitting in front of computers and typing. Actually, most coding time is still collaboration, redesigning, replanning, testing, and debugging. IT Helps team keeps an open channel with users during coding time, in order to ensure accuracy in the finest details of the software.

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