Software Packages

Depending on your business situation, companies can adopt software products offered by IT Helps LLC as online subscription service or purchase license for installing in company owned server. Below is the comparison between the two packages.

  Online Subscription Package Network License Package
Package Description IT Helps hosts selected software application online and provides clients online access with login credentials for each user. IT Helps is responsible for maintenance and security. Clients enjoy “turn-key” software. Client purchases annual license and installs selected software in their own server and network. Client will host, install, maintain and secure the software applicatoin on their own, or purchase additional resources from IT Helps to help with theses tasks.
Recommended for Clients, who have limited IT resources or wants to allocate minimal IT resources to selected software Clients, who want to have the selected software only inside their own firewall, or need to integrate the software internally with many other silo applications
Bill Schedule Monthly Annual
User Access Internet access, secure login At client’s desertion
Software Installation Not applicable Client is responsible for installation
Regular Maintenance Included and performed by dedicated IT Helps support team Client is responsible for regular maintenance. Service package available for purchase
Bug Reporting and Fix Included
Training Free 24 hours training/year. Additional training available for purchase
Data Feed Available for purchase
Data Connector
Data Recording
Initial Setup, Customization and Integration

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